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Denver Area Raccoon Control

Elite Animal Control LLC specializes in nuisance raccoon control for homes and businesses in the Denver area and Front Range of Colorado. Raccoons are experts at getting into warm spaces in the winter months, and your attic is a prime location for them to take up residence , it’s warm, high up, away from other animals, and perfect spot for having babies, Chimneys are another prime spot for having their young,if the flue is open at the top of the chimney,coons easily get up and down the stack and rest at the bottom just above the fireplace box in most cases. Mating usually starts in late winter early into spring,and can continue into summer if conditions are right,but late litters are rare for raccoons. If you hear loud thumps and knocking sounds up in the attic it’s most certainly raccoons.

Elite Animal Control will inspect your home thoroughly to locate the raccoons and causing the problem and take the necessary steps to evict the problem animals.In the springtime from march to mid June, raccoon birthing season and the mother raccoon will seek out places to have her young in fireplaces,attics are the most common areas to have a litter because of inaccessibility from other predators, male coons do not take part in rearing their young and will kill the kits,to encourage the female to go in to estrus again. Female raccoons can have up to 7 kits but typically 4 to 5 kits are the normal litter size.

The raccoon is an omnivorous, and opportunistic eater and will eat just about anything they can get their hands on. The most common foods include fruits, plants, nuts, berries, insects, rodents, frogs, eggs, and crayfish. In city environments, the raccoon often rummages through garbage cans and dog dishes left out in backyards. Raccoons in the wild typically live 3 to 4 years and have very few predators, sometimes coyotes mountain loins,bobcats will eat raccoons but it is very rare, most are killed off by cars, disease is another factor in raccoon mortality,ringworm ,rabies, distemper is common when overpopulation gets out of hand,dogs and cats are vulnerable to bites,so pet owners need to make sure they have their pets vaccinated.

 After the raccoons are out of the structure we will suggest a thorough cleanup and disinfecting of the den site, attic area,burning the fireplace to sanitize it after  animals are removed, remove all soiled insulation, hepa vac and professional repair, our repair work is raccoon proof and give the client a full 10 year warranty. Also,we recommend installing a new chimney cap after raccoons are removed from chimney to prevent any problems in the future.We can install chimney caps for a reasonable price, standard black powder coated galvanized is adequate for most applications,if a more expensive look is wanted,we can install stainless steel at an extra cost.      



Example of Raccoon Damage in Attic

Elite Animal Control LLC is Denver areas  Raccoon Control Experts. We can safely and humanely remove Raccoons from your home or business.

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Raccoon Tracks

Raccoons in Fireplace

New Chimney Cap Installation

Raccoons in Attic space

Please Note: Elite Animal Control LLC requires at least one to two weeks for safe removal of raccoons in attics and fireplaces.