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Elite Animal Control LLC is Denver areas Squirrel Control Experts. We can safely and humanely remove Squirrels from your home or business.

Denver Squirrel Removal and Control

We specialize in the removal of Squirrels from your home and attic space in the Denver Area. Squirrels are a Diurnal animal,meaning they come out during the daytime and sleep at night, you may hear scratching noises in your ceiling or behind the walls of your home usually early in the morning or at dusk is when they are most active from either returning or leaving. You may also have seen them running loose around your home and yard climbing fences and in trees.

Elite Animal Control technicians are able to address problems when we arrive, we completely inspect the structure, typically Squirrels will chew holes in upper areas of the home around eaves,soffits,roof vents, once holes are discovered we set humane live traps, in some cases one way doors can be used but trapping and relocation is preferred because offending animals can chew back in the structure.  

Once it is determined Squirrels are completely removed building we will suggest cleanup,disinfect,deodorize affected areas where feces and urine soaked insulation is evident and repair all entry points and provide a 10 year warranty on the repair work.

Chimney Caps and Repair

Roof Vent Modification